Muscle Health & Fitness has an outstanding team, enhancing a healthy lifestyle by providing excellent support and advice to all members and non-members.  We are proactive, responsive, flexible and helpful.  We will manage people’s fitness expectations to the highest professional standards and deliver a seamless training package to all recipients.  At Muscle Health we:-

    • Provide an initial fitness assessment.
    • Help our customers set safe and realistic goals.
    • Help keep clients consistent and accountable to their workout goals and progress.
    • Create an enjoyable exercise environment.
    • Motivate clients to challenge themselves at every workout session for maximum results
    • Help clients maintain their mental focus.
    • Teach clients proper stretching techniques to improve flexibility and range of motion.
    • Show clients how to warm up and cool down and help them to prevent risk of injury.
    • Educate clients on proper form and technique.
    • Ensure clients achieve and maintain proper workout intensity target heart rate.
    • Keep clients up to date on the latest fitness trends, programs and exercises.
    • Adjust and update clients program as needed.

    A combination of superb surroundings and exceptional service makes exercising fun at Muscle Health & Fitness (K) Ltd. We pride ourselves on having the latest in resistance and cardio gym equipment as well as a truly comprehensive range of classes from Yoga & Pilates through to the latest Body Pump and Spinning.


4th floor, Vision Plaza, P.O. Box 26349-00504 Nairobi,Kenya
Tel: +254 (20) 2337303/4/5, 0722 616530, 0733 138555