• All Together: In this game the participants are divided into a groups. Each group is required to occupy a space. The facilitator is required to keep diminishing the amount of space each group is required to occupy, till it is the minimal amount possible. This has to be achieved without reducing the number of members in the groups.
  • Creating Survival Scenarios: This includes scenarios such as a group being stranded on an island after a shipwreck. They are given a list of various items from which they have to rank in order of importance all that they require.
  •  Balloon Games: There are a variety of group building balloon games. One such game is that of making participants stand in a circle. Each participant is required to pass the balloon to another participant by calling out their name and the one to whom it is thrown must not let the balloon touch the ground. Another fun-filled balloon game is to divide the participants into groups. Each group is required to keep their balloon in the air without touching, but only blowing.



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